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US drone strikes Al-Shabab convoy, killing scores of the group

The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) reports fresh offensives against Al-Shabab, an Al-Qaeda affiliate group in the East African region.

The airstrike took place in Hawadley area in Galmudug state of Somalia after aerial surveillance conducted by the US-trained Danab forces confirmed the heavy presence of Al-Shabab militants who were preparing for guerrilla attack targeting forward operation bases in the areas.

Following were US drone strikes that killed more than 50 fighters of Al-Shabab and destroyed their convoy of heavy battle wagons.

Among the convoy were two heavily loaded VBIEDs that detonated after the drone missiles hit the ground, inducing most of the casualties of the terrorist group.

In their statement, the FGS claimed that the national spy agency (NISA) provided the intel reports before targeting the group, but on the contrary sources inside Galmudug gov confirm that there was no such thing as NISA involvement in the attack.

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