Saturday, April 1, 2023



Corruption, Monopoly, And Gov Sources Misappropriation As Somalia Anticipates International Debt Pardon

The Somali government is currently embroiled in a financial scandal involving corruption and the misappropriation of the country's resources. Several business cartels claiming to have...

The Destructive Daljir Faction Gears to Stress the Politics of Somalia

The embattled State Minister of Villa Somalia, Abshir Bukhari, who is in a political deadlock within the close circle of Present Hassan Sheikh, engages...

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Scandal and Controversy at Ministry of FA & Somali Embassies: How a Lack of Leadership is harming the Country’s Reputation

In his reelection speech, President Hassan Sheikh of Somalia promised to change the country's foreign policy in line with his campaign slogan, "Somalia at...
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